I was in secondary school when I started photography. It was 1968. I took some photographs with a Kodak box camera of my elder brother during my scout camping. It was a time of black and white print photographs. Unfortunately, I couldn’t save that but I do remember the moment of my ultimate pleasure.

This was the start of my photography after a long struggle in 1989 I went to Kuwait and I buy a brand new Mamiya 330 which was the latest of that time and start capturing nature. When I was back to Pakistan I became my family photographer I was supposed to cover all family functions.

It was my hard luck with the passage of time all photographs were destroyed because there was no proper system to safe prints of photographs

or at least I was not aware of it.

Later on when I got married and got 5 kids. It became hard to coop up my hobby because I could not be able to opt it as a profession throughout my life but I could not stop my willing of photography.

Then digital cameras introduced in the market and photography became easy as you don’t have to spend much more money on photos printing and there is no worry for keeping a bulk of printed photographs.

When mobile cameras introduced its became easier than ever before.

This is the story of my photography.

Now I am sharing some mobile pictures if you guys like it please do share your feedback so I will be able to share more.