Dover and its White cliffs

It is one of most beautiful places I have visited in my recent tour of UK. I am sharing my experiences for you hope you will like it

Dover is a major port town of England facing in to the English channel.It is a main ferry port of UK in Kent,in the south of England.

It is just 70 miles from south London. It is one of most busy ferry port because 39 ferries cross English channel daily . From here passenger and cargo ferries goes to France and comeback to England.Two main companies are operating ferries here one is DFDS and other is known as P&Q.

DFDS is operating 15 departures in a day and P&Q is operating 24 departures in a day.These ferries link Dover,England to Dunkirk France.Traveling time is 1 hr and 30 mints and cost is only £45 for a car and 4 persons, so can enjoy the trip of Europe in your own car very cheaply.This rout gives you easy access to Northern France,Belgium,Netherlands and more.

White cliffs of Dover 

These cliffs are known as white cliffs because these are made of white chalk.These cliffs are located in English channel at DOVER. According to history available on record these cliffs are found in some where iron age era of life. 

Wittiness of Bronze era was also found in these mountains of chalk.This area was also inhabitable by 


These cliffs have great symbolic value for Britain,due to its location facing toward Europe.It was most important port during 2nd word war for Great Britain.

There is a long walking trail for pedestrians to walk among these cliffs and to reach the beach.These cliffs are first landing point for many migratory birds flying across English channel.These birds can be seen in large numbers in start of summer.Beautiful butterflies can also gives amazing look when they are flying on wild flowers blossom in these cliffs.Watch my video through the link .


By car its take 1 hr and 10 mints from south London on motorway M 2 fallow to A 2 direct to Dover.

By bus you can travel by regular National Express coach service starting from Victoria coach station and its take 2 hrs and 30 mints.

By train, you have to take overground train from platform no 5 on Victoria station to Dover priority station, its just on 30 mints walking distance from Dover.

. France is just 21 miles away from this coast , if weather is clear you can can see France coastline with naked eye very easily

Euro train tunnel under the English channel is about 31 miles long.This is a real wonder of human skill and technology. Its starting from Folk-stone,England to Sangatte,France.This train runs at reduced speed of 160 km/hr.

This is a brief trip of Dover hope you’ll enjoy it.Please do share your feedback in comments box of my blog for further improvement. To see more pictures of this place watch my profile on Google maps as local guide.


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